Business Analyst Placement Programme

United Kingdom
10 Jun 2024
21 Jun 2024
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IT Director
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Full Time

Please note this is a training course and fees apply

What is the Business Analysis Placement Programme?

Our Business Analysis Placement Programme is designed for anyone looking to start a career as a Business Analyst (BA) using education and recruitment support to help you achieve an entry level role or position.

This programme does involve a financial contribution from you to fund your qualification, cv review and recruitment support but the long–term rewards will be extremely lucrative.

What does a Business Analyst do?

A Business Analyst is a problem solver who investigates an issue or area of weakness within an organisation or business, analyses solutions and helps facilitate the change that is needed. They do this through following a set of guidelines and principles set out within the BCS Business Analysis Diploma certification.

To succeed as a business analyst, you should be somebody who enjoys problem solving and analysing, has good administration skills and communicates well in both written and verbal communication.

You should be somebody who can work well alone but when needed be able to integrate well into a team.

The role will generally include:–

  • Analysing elements within the business or the whole business
  • Making evaluations of all available data
  • Identifying problems and looking at potential improvements
  • Making a feasibility study in proposed improvements
  • Present your acquired information within a business case to the company or organisation.
  • Implement any agreed or necessary changes, to increase the efficiency of the organisation or business.

Industry demand for Business Analysts

Demand for Business Analysts continues to soar as organisations need to evolve and stay competitive in an everchanging world.

Business Analysts ensures a business remains relevant and future proofs against changes both foreseen and sudden.

All businesses need to make data driven decisions and the demand for analysts has become a key role for any size of business and has become a very lucrative.

How we help you get you first role

We specialise in working with candidates who wish to start or transition into a Business Analyst career.

How do we do this?

1. Firstly, we place you on a training program which provides a pathway to the most relevant industry recognised certification being the BCS Business Analysis Diploma. The diploma comprises of 4 certification courses and a final oral examination signing you off as Business Analyst through the BCS. Study time to complete all of the certifications is recommended at around 90 hours to achieve exam pass level.

2. Once you have successfully passed the 4 required certification exams and the oral exam which make up the diploma, you will be handed over to our recruitment support team. They will then work with you to help rewrite your cv to a professional standard to highlight the skills required by Business Analyst recruiters. In addition, they will also assist in creating a professional LinkedIn profile, interview support, career advice and tailored support such as taking you through mock interviews.

3. Our recruitment advice consultants will work with you to identify the best opportunities available which are suited to you. Their tailored support ensures you only apply for roles where there is a realistic chance of success and help you to prepare for interviews and perform at your best. Typically, starter roles will be junior business analyst, junior analyst or a support/admin role utilising your analytical skills.

Business Analysts work closely with Project Managers and Change Managers and opportunities in these areas also exist which broadens the net in these sister sectors. Further study into Project Management certifications can expand the breadth of roles you find available.


To accommodate candidates, the training element of this package is available on finance terms to easily spread the cost of investing in your career. This enables you to get qualified without having to fund all the training costs upfront. In addition, we are so confident in our success with placing qualified candidates that we will refund the cost of the courses to anyone we are unable to place within 12 months of passing their required exams subject to our terms.

What next?

To get your journey started and check whether you meet the criteria to join the programme, enquire now and one of our experienced Course and Career Consultants will contact you within 4 working hours assist you.

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