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HSBC using name-blind CVs to reach a 50/50 gender target

Published on: 30 Nov 2015

In a bid to reach a 50/50 gender target, HSBC have requested recruitment firms to send them name-blind CVs.  

At present 54% of HSBC’s workforce are female, but only 29% of the top jobs are held by women. Antonio Simoes, CEO at HSBC:

“It’s completely unacceptable that in 2015, women are still significantly underrepresented at a senior management level across the financial services industry. We are committed to putting that right at HSBC UK”

Name blind CV screenings will apply to both junior and senior level roles aiming to remove any ‘unconscious gender bias’ that may currently exist. Other companies reportedly following suit are Deloitte, Virgin Money, BBC, NHS and EY.

Elsewhere, Barrister’s Chamber 4-5 Gray’s Inn have also announced they will be launching an online application form on their website which will not ask for the candidates name; candidates will be identified by their phone number only.