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How long do Executives stay in their role?

Published on: 28 Mar 2014

According to a recent study on Executive search and recruitment trends the tenure for a senior executive or Director varies depending on the company size and indeed industry.

The study reveals that the average tenure for an Executive is 7.2 years but this is above average for large organisations with over 5,000 employees where the tenure of a member of senior management could extend up to 9.2 years. In small firms with under 50 employees, the term is slighter lower than the average tenure for executives, at 6 years.

Directors in the industrial and manufacturing industries tend to retain their role on the board for longer than their peers in other sectors, with the tenure of senior execs in the sector averaging a little over 8 years. The next longest tenures among executives were in Financial Services and Banking. The shortest tenure of Senior Management according to the study was in creative sectors like Entertainment, Media, Marketing and Advertising, where the average tenure was 5.5 years.

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