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Beyond the CV

Published on: 18 Aug 2014

Recruitment across the board has undergone significant transformation over the last few years, and executive recruitment is no exception.

According to a recent study that compared recruitment priorities in 2006 to today, what hiring managers look for in Senior Executives has changed. More consideration is being given to whether or not the new executive has the right cultural fit for the organisation, with 56% of hiring managers admitting that this is a key determinant during the recruitment process. Emphasis on People Management and Leadership skills remains considerable, with 53% of respondents listing this as a key attribute for executives.

So while your CV is your most powerful tool to securing your next executive role it will only get you so far as an interview as hiring managers look beyond the CV when it comes to hiring decisions. This essentially necessitates demonstrating your ability to effectively manage and lead during an interview by way of examples. It’s also important to assess an organisation before applying and only apply if you feel you can see yourself fitting in. If you feel you are, it’s important to demonstrate this during an interview by drawing examples.

However, despite the importance of cultural fit, people management capabilities and leadership skills, the challenge facing hiring managers is finding executives with the right skills.